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Belize’s Affordable Beachfront Accommodation in Placencia: Lydia’s Guest House – Double Rooms at $35 Per Night

Before leaving Belize, I visited Placencia for the fourth time. This time, my travel companion Vivian needed a separate space for remote work, so we opted for Lydia’s Guest House instead of the backpacker hostel Anda Di Hows Hostel where we stayed before. The double room at Lydia’s Guest House was only $35 per night after taxes, and it comes with a kitchen and a spacious common area, just a one-minute walk from the beach. While Placencia may not boast the liveliest nightlife along Belize’s coast, it certainly stands out as the most charming beach town in Belize.

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Discover Tranquility at Lydia’s Guest House: A Hidden Gem Since 1989

Lydia’s Guest House, established in 1989, is located on the northern side of Placencia. Due to its distance from the main road and commercial hub, the surroundings are particularly tranquil.

The location of Lydia’s Guest House makes it highly advantageous. The guest house is situated right by the sidewalk, allowing easy access to the municipal pier and Point Bay. A one-minute walk takes you to the beach, and heading towards the main road provides access to a large supermarket for convenient shopping.

Lydia’s Guest house
Address: Lydia, Placencia, Belize
Phone number:+501 523-3117
Check-in: 14:00 Check-out :12:00
Facebook Official Website

Lydia’s Guest house private bedrooms

During this stay, we opted for a room type in the two-story building. The first floor is equipped with two faucets, making it convenient for washing up after a day at the beach. Upon entering the main house, there is a shared large refrigerator. Since the kitchen is only open until nine in the evening, guests can store their cold drinks and food in the fridge for anytime enjoyment.

The room exceeded my expectations in terms of spaciousness. The guest rooms offer either a double bed or two single beds. Originally assigned a double bed, the thought of sharing a bed with my friend Vivian, whom I haven’t seen in 17 years, felt a bit awkward. Who knows about sleeping habits? Plus, we are going to be roommates for a week!

The room is considerately stocked with bath towels, and similar to a backpackers hostel, each bed has its own fan. There’s a mirror in the room for the convenience of female guests in grooming and dressing up. Additionally, the bedside table provides ample storage space, and there are sufficient outlets with a total of six charging ports.

Each floor has six guest rooms, two shared bathrooms, and one private toilet. However, one of the bathroom doors is broken and hasn’t been repaired. The bathroom follows a wet and dry separation design, featuring a large bathtub and providing hot water. While Belize’s weather is generally warm, in December or during rainy periods, the temperature can drop, and having hot water available is a convenience, unlike the Anda Di Hows Hostel recommended earlier, which only offered cold water for showers, causing some inconvenience when hot water was needed.

Public space

Lydia’s Guest House features a communal kitchen and outdoor relaxation areas. Our stay on the second floor included a set of tables and chairs just outside the room. During the hot daytime, many guests prefer to relax in this space.

The kitchen area is quite spacious, equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, gas stove, coffee machine, toaster, and various kitchen utensils. Each room has a designated small cabinet for personal belongings. While the plates and cookware are abundant, there is a shortage of bowls, making soup preparation a bit inconvenient. Considering that Belize’s tap water is not potable, Lydia’s Guest House provides filtered water for direct consumption, a considerate and convenient amenity.

One of the highlights is the outdoor space on the first floor. During the rare continuous rainfall in Belize, Vivian and I took advantage of a break in the rain on the second day to enjoy a lunch of fresh lobster we had bought earlier.

On my first day cooking in the kitchen, I noticed some pans were warped, causing the lids to fit awkwardly. It made me curious about the experiences these pots might have gone through.

The mystery was solved when a helpful fellow guest skillfully used a frying pan to crack open crab shells for a meal, and I realized why those pans had taken on their unique shapes.

How to book Lydia’s Guest House?

For this reservation, I used Hostelworld, a booking website recommended by a Colombian friend. Payment can be made on-site with either a credit card or cash, and there are no additional fees for credit card transactions. Upon arrival, confirm your reservation with Lydia on the second floor of the left-side building. She will provide you with the room key, and a staff member will guide you to your room.

Why Recommend Lydia’s Guest HouseLydia’s Guest House?

After several visits, I have had the opportunity to stay in the three most budget-friendly hostels in the Placencia area. Lydia’s Guest House falls into the fourth position in terms of affordability, with one even cheaper option located next to the Barefoot Bar. Reading reviews mentioned potential disturbances from music or bar patrons in the evening, I opted for Lydia’s Guest House. Initially, I considered staying at Carol’s Cabanas for its more convenient location, but due to a poor internet experience and concerns about Vivian’s ability to work without interruptions, I decided against it.

Despite being farther from the main area, Lydia’s Guest House is well-equipped, quieter, and unaffected by the late-night music from the Lobster Fest. It is conveniently located within walking distance of two local bars. Besides individual rooms, there are also private cabins available for families or customers seeking privacy. The internet speed for remote workers remains stable, sufficient for voice conferences.
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During the peak tourist season in December, the average per-person rate for a double room is comparable to that of backpacker hostels, making Lydia’s Guest House a very cost-effective choice. The environment is also clean. One drawback is the somewhat delayed response on Whatsapp. I attempted to confirm my reservation details on November 24th but only received a response on December 1st. Subsequent inquiries went unanswered. When I inquired on-site about the management of Whatsapp, Lydia clarified that she manages it personally, and attributed the delayed response to her not being very accustomed to using Whatsapp. However, booking through the reservation website was hassle-free.

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