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Tokyo Asakusa Kimono Rental: Premium Custom Kimono at PREMIUM KIMONO MIYABI

When visiting Japan, experiencing the traditional culture through wearing a kimono is a must. Right across from Asakusa’s famous Kaminarimon gate, there’s a hidden gem: a high-end kimono rental shop without any signage. PREMIUM KIMONO MIYABI offers a spacious 120-tsubo (approximately 400 square meters) store, providing exquisite, custom-made kimonos. Prices range from 38,000 to 72,000 yen, but is it worth it? In this post, I’ll share my experience at the PREMIUM KIMONO MIYABI flagship store.

English is not my native language, but I am currently learning it. I am attempting to write articles in English to help others who may be searching for information. Some sentences might sound awkward or unusual, and I hope you understand. I welcome any questions you may have, and I’ll be happy to respond.

After five years away, I returned to Tokyo to find several days of gloomy weather finally giving way to sunshine. On this day, my friends and I had planned to rent yukata and visit the historic Nakagawa district in Asakusa to photograph hydrangea flowers. We hadn’t booked ahead for kimono rentals, but with the sudden clear skies that morning, we decided to take a chance.

As we strolled through Asakusa, near Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, we saw stylishly dressed tourists entering and exiting through a modest entrance beside the bank. Curious, we ventured closer and stumbled upon a hidden gem: a kimono shop! Despite its unmarked facade, the place radiated charm and authenticity.

Kimono Rental Recommendation in Asakusa -Kimono Miyabi

Kimono Miyabi was established in 2015 and currently operates five branches in Tokyo and Kyoto. Specializing in kimono rentals and outdoor photography services, it has gained popularity among both local and international visitors from Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and beyond. Known as the pioneer of lace kimono designs, Kimono Miyabi has led a new cultural trend in recent years, establishing itself as a prominent figure in the kimono fashion scene.

Asakusa Miyabi Premium
Adress:  8F,2-17-2, Kaminarimon, Taito City, Tokyo 111-0034, Japan。
Phone: +81 0358306278
Email: hefumiyabi@gmail.com
Business hours: 9:00-17:00 (最後接待時間14:00)
Facebook Official website LINE
klook 旗艦店 klook 站前店 klook 淺草本店 Klook 京都清水寺店

Leading the Kimono Fashion Trend – Pioneer of Lace Kimonos

Lace kimonos have emerged as a popular trend in recent years, blending new lace fabrics with traditional Japanese culture to create a fresh style of kimono! This innovative product was developed by Kimono Miyabi during the spring of 2020 amidst the pandemic. From design and sampling to mass production, it reflects their dedication to preserving and promoting the heritage of kimono culture.

In addition to their kimono rental services, Kimono Miyabi also operates Miyabistyle, a subsidiary brand specializing in selling kimonos. Nearly all lace kimonos seen on the market originate from their brand. For the most comprehensive selection of lace kimonos, don’t miss out on the pioneer of lace kimono styles.

They offer a variety of styles including lace patterns, two-shaku sleeves paired with graduation hakama, and even children’s sizes.

How to get to the premium store of Kimono Miyabi?

The flagship store is located in a relatively discreet location without any signage. It is situated on the 8th floor of the tallest white building diagonally across from the Kaminarimon gate. The ground floor houses the Mitsui Sumitomo Bank. It’s less than a minute’s walk from the Kaminarimon gate. There’s also a popular deep-fried beef cutlet restaurant, Asakusa Gyukatsu, on the ground floor.


  • Tokyo Metro Ginza Line – Asakusa Station, Exit 2: 3-minute walk
  • Tobu Isesaki Line – Asakusa Station, Main Entrance: 5-minute walk
  • Toei Asakusa Line – Asakusa Station, Exit A4: 3-minute walk

These directions should guide you to Kimono Miyabi’s flagship store conveniently.

Largest Kimono Experience Store – PREMIUM KIMONO MIYABI

PREMIUM KIMONO MIYABI, opened in May 2024, is the newest addition to the kimono scene. The flagship store boasts an impressive total area of 120 tsubo, making it the largest kimono store in Japan to date.


At PREMIUM KIMONO MIYABI, the flagship store offers primarily formal attire rentals starting from 12,000 yen on average, with all women’s packages including hairstyling services. The store provides a wide selection including Komon kimonos, lace kimonos, visiting attire, Furisode (formal long-sleeved kimono for young unmarried women), and wedding attire such as Iro-Uchikake. The children’s section exclusively offers formal wear.

To the left is the dedicated area for footwear and bags for formal attire, while to the right are geta sandals for summer yukata and zori sandals for daily wear.

Compared to the extensive options for women, the selection for men’s attire appears relatively limited in the children’s formal wear and men’s section.

The women’s dressing room is exceptionally spacious, accommodating multiple individuals or groups comfortably. The dressing and makeup areas are combined, equipped with lockable storage lockers for personal belongings.

The makeup area is also generously sized, allowing up to six customers to style simultaneously. The decor features pink-themed walls and chairs, creating a delightful atmosphere reminiscent of a youthful spirit.

Price list


Deluxe Silk Furisode Experience for Coming-of-Age Ceremony

At PREMIUM KIMONO MIYABI, the Furisode experience ranges from 38,000 yen to72,000 yen. The price variation in Furisode rentals depends on craftsmanship, fabric quality, and design intricacy.

Kimono Miyabi exclusively uses high-quality silk fabric known as “real silk” for their Furisode, traditionally referred to as “haku.” Silk not only feels luxurious against the skin but also enhances the kimono’s elegance with its natural sheen. However, due to silk’s delicate nature, requiring dry cleaning rather than water washing, maintenance costs are higher.

Seeing such beautiful Furisode, my friends and I spontaneously changed our plans from renting yukata to experiencing Furisode, despite the scorching 30-degree Celsius weather.

Katsura Yumi Signature Furisode: Embracing Tradition with Modern Elegance

At Kimono Miyabi, you’ll find an extensive collection of Furisode, including several exclusive designs by the renowned fashion designer Katsura Yumi.

Katsura Yumi is a globally recognized fashion designer born in Tokyo. After graduating from university, she pursued further studies in Paris, France, and traveled to over 20 countries, deeply immersing herself in the field of fashion design. Initially specializing in bridal wear, she expressed concern over the gradual cultural decline of traditional Japanese kimono due to its complex wearing methods. Thus, she ventured into designing modern kimono that blends seamlessly with contemporary fashion trends while preserving and promoting Japan’s unique cultural values.

Sharing the Experience of Wearing Furisode

My friend initially wanted to experience this year’s most popular black and gold Furisode, but after half an hour of deliberation, she found herself torn between two white Furisode instead.

Despite the wide variety of kimono styles available, once you lay eyes on the one that captures your heart, it’s like finding your destined wedding gown. Surprisingly, compared to black, white Furisode tends to complement one’s complexion, making the skin appear fairer!

Exquisite Obi Coordination

Once you’ve chosen your kimono, the next step is selecting the obi belt, a choice that significantly impacts the overall look.

Unlike casual kimono and summer yukata, Furisode requires a more elaborate obi belt. A professional Japanese kimono dresser assisted us in selecting and coordinating the obi, considering the pattern and color of the kimono, which is crucial for achieving a harmonious ensemble.

Preparing for Dressing Up

Finally in the dressing room, the first step is changing into an undergarment and tabi socks, followed by storing our replaced clothing in a locker.

The tabi socks provided are brand new, ensuring hygiene and excellent elasticity. Unlike previous experiences at other stores where reused socks were used, this year at the Kiyomizu Temple store in Kyoto, disposable socks have also been made available.

Can Elaborate Hairstyles Get Mixed Reviews? Achieving Elegance with Sweet Japanese Braids

Don’t underestimate the allure of kimono necklines despite their covering attire – the exposed neckline can be quite sensual!

That’s why hairstyles for kimonos and yukatas often involve elegant updos. Traditional Japanese hair arrangements are far from outdated, featuring voluminous strands and intricate braids that exude sophistication and elegance. Once the kimono is removed, these styles complement Western dresses and fashion seamlessly. If you prefer a different style, communicating with your stylist is key.

There are 18 hairstyles to choose from, each meticulously crafted.

After selecting a hairstyle, the stylist will inquire about your preferred side for photography, placing the main hair accessories accordingly – a thoughtful detail.

The stylists are highly skilled and efficient, with consistent service even across branches like Ueno. Interestingly, some online reviews critique the speed of hairstyling as too casual, highlighting the challenges of running a business where every minute counts for travelers looking to make the most of their expensive trips abroad. Should hairstyling warrant more time and attention?

Even bangs receive careful attention, with a finishing touch of setting spray applied post-styling, and accessories chosen after completing the attire.

Exclusive Service at Its Finest: A 2-to-1 Experience

Typically, kimono rental shops gather all customers in a communal dressing area. I’ve experienced this setup at other branches of Kimono Miyabi before, where photography is generally prohibited unless there are no other customers present.

Kimono Miyabi’s flagship store sets a new standard in premium service. Here, each woman’s dressing room is partitioned with curtains into private spaces, accommodating only one group at a time, ensuring absolute privacy! With the dresser’s permission, you can even capture the dressing process on camera.


The art of kimono dressing is intricate, requiring licensed professionals known as “kitsuke-shi” in Japan. Wrapping a large piece of fabric without any buttons or zippers to assist, and customizing it for different body types, demands extensive expertise and skill! Two young but incredibly deft dressers assisted me, displaying a level of precision and efficiency without hesitation.

Even the lining of the furisode’s collar is exceptionally refined, adorned with cherry blossom embroidery, and attention is paid to every detail of the garment. During dressing, the dressers presented choices between a white diamond or black collar, a first for me with its sparkle and glamour (possibly Swarovski?). At the flagship store, everything is not just high-grade but the epitome of luxury!

After the meticulous wrapping process akin to making rice dumplings, it was finally time for the obi belt segment! I initially thought belting would be easier than donning the kimono itself, but crafting an elegant obi knot for the furisode proved just as challenging.

Choosing the obi belt involves selecting one with decorative cords and ornaments.

Post-dressing, the final step is selecting hair ornaments! The stylists recommend styles that complement the attire, offering additional small accessories and pearl accents, ensuring every detail is flawlessly perfect.

After selecting the kimono, the next step is choosing complementary shoes and a bag!

Opting for shoes in the same color scheme as the kimono is a great choice. While the traditional footwear for formal occasions looks stunning, they may not be the most comfortable. For those concerned about comfort, regular straw sandals (“zori”) are a recommended alternative.

Despite it being only June, the combination of hot weather and the cumbersome furisode limited our outdoor time to just under an hour. We returned indoors swiftly, retreating to a traditional Japanese room for a simple photoshoot.

Professional English Photography Services

Wearing such exquisite attire, skimping on photography costs would be a huge mistake! My friend trusts my photography skills too much, and our outdoor shoot ended up with a bunch of wasted shots! Especially in the bustling crowds of Asakusa, it’s crucial to schedule professional photography in advance if you want to capture beautiful photos, especially showcasing the fluttering sleeves of the furisode! They share many stunning sample photos on their Facebook and Instagram.

In addition to kimono rentals, Kimonomiyabi offers comprehensive photography services ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours. What’s most convenient is they provide foreign language-speaking photographers too. During peak seasons, it’s crucial to book in advance to secure your preferred time slot!

Click here to view photography prices

Who Can Wear Furisode? Can Married Women Wear Furisode?

Who can wear furisode? Can married women wear furisode? It’s widely known that furisode is the first formal attire for unmarried women in Japan. Typically worn around the age of 20 during the Coming of Age Ceremony (成人式) and at various formal occasions such as weddings, banquets, and other formal gatherings.

If it’s for experiencing, leisurely strolls, or capturing memories through photos, there are absolutely no restrictions. So, if you’re traveling to Japan, why not experience wearing this traditional attire of Japanese young women regardless of your age? Putting it on makes you feel forever 18.

Choosing Between the Flagship Store and Other Branches

When selecting a kimono rental shop, factors such as variety of styles, service quality, and convenience of location are crucial considerations. The flagship store of Miyabi specializes in formal attire, offering a wide range of styles, particularly lace kimono and furisode, ensuring customers are never disappointed with the selection.

If you’re looking to experience formal attire, the flagship store is definitely the best choice. For those interested in casual kimono, affordable yukata, children’s kimono, or budget-friendly options, the Asakusa Store (Sensoji) is recommended. These two locations are only a 3-minute walk apart. For a VIP experience with kimono dressing services, the flagship store stands out as the ideal choice.

Asakusa Kimono Experience Review

This isn’t my first visit to Kimono Miyabi, as I’ve worn furisode and hakama at their Ueno store back in 2018, and also experienced their service at the Kiyomizu-dera store in Kyoto this May, making it one of my favorite spots.

Before experiencing their flagship store, my favorite among the branches was the Ueno store. Unlike the crowded Asakusa tourist area, I preferred the relaxed and peaceful atmosphere of Ueno. Currently, all three Tokyo branches are located in Asakusa, and the closure of the Ueno store was not due to the pandemic but because the landlord decided to reclaim the property. Surviving nearly five years of pandemic challenges in the competitive Asakusa kimono rental market speaks volumes about the store’s resilience.

Although I didn’t personally experience it this time, the overall feedback and past experiences in other stores were quite different. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to rent a kimono. Every detail of the attire will make you feel truly honored.

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