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Affordable Family-Friendly Stay in Sapporo | VILLA KOSHIDO Odori

Who would have thought that a modest-looking, budget-friendly hotel could surprise and delight with such meticulous design details? VILLA KOSHIDO Odori is exactly that impressive accommodation choice. The rooms here are thoughtfully designed, catering attentively to guests’ needs, making you want to stay forever in this cozy space. And with a nightly rate of just 10 US dollars per person, it’s undeniably the best choice for your trip to Sapporo.

VILLA KOSHIDO Odori: A Tranquil Stay at Sapporo’s Newest Vacation Villa

VILLA KOSHIDO boasts three series of hotels in Sapporo, each distinguished by its unique design style. On this occasion, I had the pleasure of staying at the newest addition, the Odori Vacation Villa. This six-story building houses 12 rooms and operates as an apartment-style hotel. Its striking yellow facade stands out on the street, conveniently located just a minute’s walk from a LAWSON convenience store. While a 15-minute stroll will take you to the bustling Tanukikoji Shopping Street, staying here means enjoying a quieter accommodation environment away from the hustle and bustle of tourists.

Address: 3-18 Odori Nishi 14-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 060-0042, Japan
Phone: +81 11-616-2525
Check-in: 15:00-22:00;Check-out: 10:00
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How to Get to VILLA KOSHIDO Odori?

By Train:

  • Take a 40-minute train ride from New Chitose Airport to JR Sapporo Station.
  • From JR Sapporo Station, it’s a 30-minute walk to reach the hotel.

By Subway:

  • From Sapporo Station, take the subway to Odori Station, then transfer to Nishi 11-chome Station (approximately 15 minutes).
  • From Nishi 11-chome Station, it’s a 5-minute walk to reach the hotel.

These convenient transportation options make accessing VILLA KOSHIDO Odori straightforward whether you prefer the train or subway route.

Hotel Facilities

Check-in time is at 3:00 PM. Prior to check-in, luggage can be stored, and upon formal check-in, your luggage will be kindly delivered to your room. While the hotel reception does not offer services in Chinese and not all staff may speak English, communication is generally smooth with the use of translation devices when needed.

In addition to basic amenities such as mineral water and towels, other supplies are available on a self-service basis. If you find that you need more supplies during your stay, you can easily request them at the lobby on the first floor. The range of amenities is extensive, including towels, robes, toothbrushes, razors, hygiene products, and makeup removers.

Of particular note is the hygiene kit. The masks provided are comfortable for prolonged wear, and the kit also includes alcohol and tissues for cleaning and disinfection purposes. Despite the easing of the pandemic, such thoughtful provisions continue to be appreciated.

First Hotel in Eastern Japan with Dedicated e-Sports Floor

VILLA KOSHIDO Odori has another delightful surprise up its sleeve. On the 2nd floor of the hotel, there’s a fully equipped e-Sports environment featuring gaming computers, arcade simulators, PS4 consoles, and curved screens. This makes it the first hotel in Eastern Japan to have a dedicated e-Sports floor. Although I’m not a gamer myself, I can imagine enthusiasts wanting to stay here indefinitely!

To use these facilities, guests need to inform the front desk beforehand, and they are available until 10:00 PM. The game room is complimentary for all staying guests. If you’re not staying but still want to experience the high-quality gaming environment, there are hourly and full-day packages available, making it perfect for gaming enthusiasts!

Affordable Accommodation in Sapporo: Family-Friendly Apartment Hotel Rooms

At VILLA KOSHIDO Odori, each floor boasts uniquely themed rooms that cater perfectly to families. The hotel blends Japanese, European, American, and French design elements into modern aesthetics. Here’s a glimpse into the styles of each floor:

  • 6th Floor: Kyoto – Modern Japanese style
  • 5th Floor: Helsinki – Scandinavian modern style
  • 4th Floor: Copenhagen – Mid-century modern style
  • 3rd Floor: New York – Brooklyn style
  • 2nd Floor: Houston – Galactic modern style
  • 1st Floor: Milan – Urban comfort style

Each floor showcases distinctive designs, whether it’s the minimalist Nordic style or the futuristic Galactic ambiance. Staying at VILLA KOSHIDO Odori feels like embarking on a global tour within a single building.

After checking in at VILLA KOSHIDO Odori, guests are provided with two room keys. Each floor features two rooms, and while the elevator is fast, the space inside is somewhat compact. For larger groups with sizable luggage, it may be necessary to take multiple trips.

Upon entering the room, you’re immediately captivated by its warm and modern design. I stayed in Room B, Copenhagen – Mid-century Modern, which spans approximately 54 square meters. It accommodates eight people with two double beds and two bunk beds, offering ample space. Another room type on the same floor measures 75 square meters, providing even more spacious accommodations for up to ten people.

Praise-Worthy Design of the Two Bathrooms at VILLA KOSHIDO Odori

Upon entering the room, there’s a convenient storage room next to the entrance for storing large luggage, which is very handy.

The bathroom features a separate shower and toilet, equipped with a full range of toiletries including shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. The spacious layout is ideal for families, making it easy to bathe children. Near the bathroom entrance, there’s also a coin-operated washing machine available for 200 JPY per use.

One of the standout features at VILLA KOSHIDO Odori is undoubtedly the design of its two bathrooms, which becomes particularly crucial when accommodating up to eight people simultaneously, especially in a culinary paradise like Hokkaido where bathroom usage tends to be frequent.

The design of the washbasins also takes into full consideration the needs of multiple users, comfortably accommodating up to four people brushing their teeth at once without feeling crowded. Additionally, there are two hairdryers provided inside the bathroom cabinet, making it convenient for multiple guests.

Finally stepping into the room area! First, there are two bunk beds, with a kitchen corner.

Next to the bunk bed, there is also a storage room, which makes full use of each space, allowing you to conveniently place large suitcases and not use up public space

The bunk beds blend seamlessly with the room’s overall aesthetic, ensuring comfort without compromise on mattress quality despite their bunk configuration. The ladders are securely attached but caution is advised with young children due to their hanging design.

The kitchen area is well-equipped with a sink, large refrigerator, and microwave, making it perfect for extended stays with cooking facilities. It’s stocked with all necessary kitchenware neatly organized in cabinets, including pots, bowls, utensils, glasses, a rice cooker, and cleaning supplies.

Coffee and tea packets are provided according to the number of guests, neatly arranged on the room’s table. Additionally, there’s a dedicated coffee bar sink, and the room boasts an impressive total of four sinks, eliminating any morning rush concerns.

Moving into the master bedroom, you’ll find two standard double beds and a minimalist large sofa that easily accommodates an additional person. The coffee table’s versatile design enhances usability.

At the end of the master bedroom, there’s a balcony where a clothes drying rack can be conveniently placed when needed.

A sliding door separates the master bedroom from the living room, creating completely independent spaces. Each area has its own air conditioning unit.

Each bed is supplied with two pillows, one soft and one firm, catering to individual preferences. Multiple sockets and bedside lamps are available, ensuring comfort and convenience for those using upper bunks, even at night.

If you find it hard to leave the comfort of your room, extending your stay is possible for an hourly fee of only 500 JPY!

Hokkaido Accommodation Recommendation: Review of VILLA KOSHIDO Odori

While VILLA KOSHIDO Odori may not catch your eye from the outside, the interior’s detailed design surprises at every turn, crafted entirely with the customer in mind, offering comfort and warmth. Such thoughtful design makes you truly want to stay longer! It became one of my favorite hotels during my Hokkaido trip, leaving me with a profound and unforgettable lodging experience. Particularly noteworthy are the two bathrooms and four sinks, perfect for group travel whether with family, friends, or on a student graduation trip.

The only drawback might be the additional charge for using the dryer and the lack of Chinese language service at the front desk. However, these factors did not detract from the overall stay. The hotel’s parking fees are on the higher side; I recommend considering private parking options nearby. If I were to visit Sapporo again in the future, VILLA KOSHIDO Odori would undoubtedly be my top choice.


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